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Fixer Nigeria is your partner for exploring one of Africa’s biggest economies through film. It is also one of the continent’s most densely populated countries, an undeniable fact when you step into Lagos and Abuja.

Filming in Nigeria is challenging to say the least, but its millions of people also have endless stories. Home to hundreds of indigenous tribes, there is a myriad of cultures living simultaneously. Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba are its best-known tribes, but there are many more with countless legends and beautiful traditions.Fixer Nigeria

Follow our location scout to incredible historic sites such as UNESCO World Heritage Site Sukur Cultural Landscape and Kajuro Castle. Explore the agriculture and wildlife led by the Niger river delta. Lose yourself in the never-ending life of Lagos. Meet Nigeria’s business savvy instant millionaires and play a game of polo.

Nigeria is an exciting place to film because contrasts hit from every angle. There are the hyper-modern congested cities on the one hand, and a more traditional way of life with the Koma people. The sand of the Sahel in the north seems endless while the south is rich with green and rivers.

For any kind of film production, Fixer Nigeria can get you a film permit. From commercials to documentaries or even full feature films, a team will be ready. After all, Nigeria’s Nollywood is only second to Bollywood.

Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Nigeria

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Nigeria has a massive film industry, the world’s second-largest in terms of the number of productions. However, navigating its complex landscape is far from straightforward. Although foreign crews filming in Nigeria are welcome by the government, there are still many details that need working out.

Having a film fixer in Nigeria is invaluable. Without Fixer Nigeria, your production team would walk miles behind. A basic film permit is not hard to sort, but few productions are truly basic. Fixer Nigeria has the contacts and network to negotiate for additional film locations, planning roadblocks, and bringing in film equipment from abroad. All this involves a lot of paperwork that you can entrust to us.

When filming in Nigeria, traffic and transportation are essential factors to consider. Filming in multiple locations in the city is a major planning priority because of the heavy congestion. It may require weeks of planning and negotiations between our film fixer in Nigeria and the appropriate authorities. This is the time that you don’t want to spend yourself.

With our local contacts, you can tap into all that Nollywood has to offer. There is a big pool of directors, videographers and crew available to you. Local equipment rental is also affordable with a wide range of options. Fixer Nigeria can broker deals at local prices.

Filming in Nigeria is a true adventure, even with our full production assistance. It is an unpredictable country but we know how to work with that. 


Filming In Nigeria With Us

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Working with Fixer Nigeria brings order to chaos. Filming in Nigeria is not always simple – bureaucracy and safety are both serious concerns. But with our local knowledge, we can support your vision.

When you hire us, we provide you with the full production assistance you need. We tap into our network of film production professionals so you don’t miss any hands. From sound and photography to make-up and set building, each job will be done.

We are on set whenever you need, but our services start long before the first take.

Fixer Nigeria should be the first number you call for production support in Nigeria. Our job starts with getting you the right film permit and visas. 

A standard film permit provides you with permission for 1 week of filming in a single location. However, each additional element involves new applications and negotiations. Such details are no cause for concern when you work with us. Tell our location scout manager what type of scenes you wish to film and we will take care of the rest. 

Rarely do you get access to such a well-developed film industry like Nollywood. Although most local productions are for show business, it is still valuable for your production. Nigeria’s film industry is rich with talent and there is good filming infrastructure. All you need is someone that knows how to gain access to the best of filming in Nigeria.

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