Filming in Nigeria

Looking for a professional and reliable fixer when filming in Nigeria? Fixer Nigeria is ready to work with you. We can assist you with all the practicalities necessary for filming in Nollywood. From film permits to equipment rental and location scouting – everything is covered with our services.

Filming in Nigeria gives you access to amazing history and cultures but also the relentless force of modern urban life. Nigeria is a very important African nation, home to a big industry and a booming economy. Its dense population is a patchwork of people from all walks of life.

Production Assistance and Access for Filming in Nigeria

Contacting our location scout is the first actionable step when planning a film production in Nigeria. With our local knowledge of cinematic sights, we can coordinate incredible locations for filming in Nigeria. From the whirlwind that is Lagos to the tranquil waters of the Niger River.

Besides hunting for locations, we also provide you with complete production assistance. We start from the moment of planning to the final execution. Give us a list of the necessary equipment, crew, and talent and we will deliver.

Most gear is locally available thanks to Nollywood. However, the most advanced and large-scale film equipment may need to be brought in from abroad. Our local fixer can arrange for customs clearance.

On-set production assistance is also a non-issue for the same reason. The only consideration is if you wish to work with talent with foreign looks. In that case, we will tap into our international network and see who is available to join you in Nigeria.

We promise that you won’t be disappointed about filming in Nigeria with us. As such, we can guarantee that every member of our team has been vetted. We want the trip to be as much success as you.

Nigeria film permits

Getting Film Permits in Nigeria

Getting film permits for Nigeria is two-sided. On the one hand, the Nigerian authorities are very welcoming of foreign film crews but on the other hand, there is a lot to navigate. There are several types of film permits and visas available. Fixer Nigeria can organize for each one.

Nigeria has a standard film permit fee of $350. This gives your production company permission to film for 7 days at the provided location. This basic film permit can generally be arranged for in less than a week.

Filming in Nigeria gets more complicated when you want to film in nature parks or want to block off part of the road. Filming with drones is also a complicated matter. This could require weeks of coordination before approved by local authorities. 

What is useful to know is that despite all the bureaucracy, Nigerian authorities are also accommodating to foreign film crews. For film productions that promote local tourism, you can negotiate for production support and privileges. There is an opportunity for a give and take that both sides will be pleased with.

As for visas, a business visa will suffice for most short productions. Grander film productions may need a temporary work visa. Arranging for crew visas usually takes 2 – 3 weeks.

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives for Filming in Nigeria

Nigeria does not have any official tax rebates or cash incentives for foreign film crews. However, the government is keen to promote its local tourism. We highly recommend consulting our production fixer on what schemes or privileges could be negotiated for.

As a foreign production company, you have to be mindful of how business is done in Nigeria. Even within a film industry that is as developed as Nollywood, there are still matters that may seem counter-intuitive. That is why you want to work with Fixer Nigeria. Coordination can be time-consuming and subject to subtle local practices. It is best to trust our local team on this.

The advantage is that nothing is set in stone. If you come across interesting new finds when filming in Nigeria, our production fixer can get to work on getting to new papers. Film productions are unpredictable anywhere but in Nigeria, this does not have to bring a halt to the production.

Access to the crew and equipment used for Nollywood also makes the logistics of your production more affordable. We can negotiate for affordable deals and location costs on your behalf. Everything is possible in a country like Nigeria.

filming in nigeria