Film Permits & Locations

Nigeria filming locations offer a wide variety of landscapes. From the arid plateaus in the Sahel to the tropical southern regions and from chaotic Lagos to the scarred mining lands. Nigeria is a country of contrasts. Besides finding the right backdrop for your scenes, our location manager also helps arrange for the necessary film permits. A basic film permit for smaller productions in the urban areas is relatively easy to obtain. However, aerial filming, nature filming, and films on sensitive topics are more complicated. Carefully consult our team of local production fixers to learn of the possibilities for permits and visas.

Nigeria Filming Locations – Benue

Benue is one of the most important rivers for Nigeria as it forms the country’s agricultural heart. When filming in Benue State, the influence of the river is felt throughout. The region is also characterized by green hills such as the Anwase-Abande Range and Ushongo Hills. Nigeria is home to hundreds of cultural identities but Benue State has the largest population of Tiv, Igede, and Idoma. For the Tiv especially, this region has the best options for Nigeria filming locations. You find the Tiv Palace in Gboko, serving as a window into their rich history. You can also admire their crafty weaving. Another notable sight in Benue is Montane Game Reserve which is fighting the good fight against poaching. Film permits for nature reserves are more difficult to obtain but with local consultation very much possible. With our production assistance, you can capture great wildlife shots.

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Nigeria Filming Locations – Niger

Niger State, not to be confused with the neighboring country, is located in the west of Nigeria. It is Nigeria’s largest state and a region that is very rich in water. This is where you find the Kainji and Shiroro dams, sources of hydroelectricity. If you are looking for variety, Niger State is one of the best Nigeria filming locations. The dams are an impressive feat of human ingenuity but you also find Mother Nature’s work at the Gurara Falls. Its rich water sources also attract wildlife. You can request film permits in Nigeria for nature filming at Kainji National Park, Borgu Game Reserve, and Zugurma Game Reserve. Filming in Niger State also puts you in touch with one of the largest tribes in Western Africa, the Hausa. Other indigenous tribes that make this region their home are the Gbagyi, Nupe, and Koro.

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Nigeria Filming Locations – Adamawa

Adamawa is one of the more popular Nigeria filming locations because of the World UNESCO Heritage Site Sukur Cultural Landscape. Located in Madagali, this is where you find the iconic village that has remained unchanged for centuries. It features circular dry stone huts, paved walkways, and a reflection of the traditional hierarchy in the farmed terraces. Central to the community, there is also the palace of the Hidi.

Adamawa is yet another one of Nigeria filming locations with several wildlife parks and game reserves. Our location scout manager can help you with applying for aerial film permits and filming with drones. You may get access to Gashaka Gumti National Park. For insight into an older way of life, your production company may want to visit the Koma Hills and its peoples. Near the borders of Cameroon in the Atlantika Mountains, you find communities that still live a traditional way of life in chiefdoms.

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Nigeria Filming Locations – Kaduna

For Nigeria filming locations, Kaduna is one of the alternatives for industrial and urban backdrops. Major industries in the area are cotton, food, and cars. However, its cities are not the only place you want to get film permits for. Several of Nigeria’s castles can be found in the Kaduna region including Kajuru Castle and Zazzau Palace. Our location scout manager can guide you to the many historic sites, most of them intertwined with the history of the Hausa. Today, Zazzau, also known as the Zaria Emirate, has a Fulani ruler. Our film fixer in Nigeria can also guide you to the more natural sights such as the Matsirga Waterfalls and Kamuku National Park. The region is known for its sports, specifically polo and golf. Nigeria is home to some of the richest people on the entire continent and these are their pastimes of choice.

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